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  • ADM - Add/drop multiplexer
  • AWG - Arrayed waveguide grating
  • Attenuator - A passive optical component that intentionally reduces the optical power propagating in a fiber.

Index B

  • Bend Loss - The result of macrobends (curvature of fiber) or microbends (small distortions in the fiber ) producing increased attenuation by coupling light energy from the fiber core to the cladding.
  • Bandpass - A range of wavelengths over which a component will meet specifications.

Index C

  • CATV - Cable TV
  • CWDM - Coarse Wavelength-Division Multiplexing
  • Center Wavelength(s) - The nominal operating wavelength(s).
  • Cladding - The outer concentric layer that surrounds the fiber core and has a lower index of refraction.
  • Core - The central, light carrying part of an optical fiber; it has an index of refraction higher than that of the surrounding cladding.
  • Coupler - A passive device that distributes optical power among two or more ports. (Can be in various ratios.) Commonly called a splitter.
  • Coupling Ratio - The percentage of light transferred to a receiving output port with respect to the total power of all output ports.

Index D

  • dB (Decibel) - Unit of measurement of signal strength.
  • Decibel - A standard logarithmic unit for the ratio of two powers, voltages, or currents. In fiber optics, the ratio is power.
  • Dispersion - A general term for those phenomena that cause a broadening or spreading of light as it propogates through an optical fiber. The three types are modal, material, and waveguide.
  • Directivity - Also referred to as near-end crosstalk, it is the amount of power observed at a given input port with respect to an initial input power.
  • Demultiplex - The process of separating optical channels.

Index E

  • EDFA - Erbium-doped fiber amplifier.
  • Erbium - doped fiber amplifier- A type of fiber that amplifies 1550-nm optical signals when pumped with a 980- or 1480-nm light source.
  • Excess Loss - The ratio of the total output power of a passive component with respect to the input power.

Index F

  • Fused Coupler - A method of making a multimode or single-mode coupler by wrapping fibers together, heating them and pulling the fibers to form a central unified mass so that light on any fiber is coupled to all output fibers.

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Index I

  • Index of Refraction - The ratio of the velocity of light in free space to the velocity of light in a given material. Symbolized by N.
  • Insertion Loss (IL): - Attenuation expressed in dB for a particular path through a component. Insertion loss for Gould couplers includes excess loss, coupling loss and polarization effects.
  • ISO - International Standard Organization.
  • Isolation - Also referred to as far-end cross-talk or far-end isolation. Predominantly used in reference to WDM products, it is a measure of light at an undesired wavelength relative to the desired wavelength.

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  • Multiplex - The process of combining optical channels.

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  • Pigtail - A short length of fiber permanently attached to a component, such as a source, detector, or coupler.
  • Pistoning - The movement of a fiber axially in and out of ferrule and, often caused by changes in temperature.
  • Polarization Sensitivity - The variation in insertion loss as the polarization state of the input light is varied.

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Index R

  • Return Loss - Also called back reflection; is light that is reflected back along the path of transmission, from either the coupling region, the connector or a terminated fiber.
  • Return Reflection - Reflected optical energy that propagates backward to the source in an optical fiber.

Index S

  • Single - mode fiber- An optical fiber that supports only one mode of light propagation above the cutoff wavelength.
  • Star Coupler - A fiber-optic coupler in which power at any input port is distributed to all output ports.
  • Strength member - That part of a fiber-optic cable composed of Kevlar aramid yarn, steel strands, or fiberglass filaments that increase the tensile strength of the cable.

Index T

  • Tap Loss - In a fiber optic coupler, the ratio of power at the tap port to the power at the input port.
  • Tap Port - A coupler in which the splitting ratio between output ports is not equal, the output port containing the lesser power.
  • TDM- Time-division multiplexing
  • Temperature Stability - A measure of insertion loss variation as the device undergoes changes in temperature.

Index U

  • Uniformity - The maximum insertion loss difference between output ports of a coupler.

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Index W

  • Wavelength - The distance between the same two points on adjacent waves; the time required for a wave to complete a single cycle.
  • Wavelength Dependence - The variation in an optical parameter caused by a change in the operating wavelength.
  • Wavelength - Division Multiplexing- A transition technique by which separate optical channels, distinguished by wavelength, are multiplexed onto an optical fiber for transmission.
  • WDM - Wavelength-division multiplexing

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